Innovation stops for no one and Plumbing Manufacturers International (PMI) has been working with its members to push through challenges and develop revolutionary new parts, fixtures, and techniques to keep up with popular trends

Plumbing Trends – Design

Homes are making a trend toward ‘green’ technology in more ways than just solar panels, leading manufacturing designers to follow plumbing trends and create more fixtures that save water and energy, but also help stop the spread of diseases. More millennial homebuyers are willing to pay more money for green certifications meaning that while sustainable design is important, electrical wiring and plumbing can make or break a sale by making a home efficient and with low impact on the environment.

Sink plumbing trends

Replacement of pipes is especially important considering the average age of pipes is around 47 years of age, with some pipes in older historical cities with double that age. Growing concern over lead piping has already had consequences in the US in the past years, notably during the Flint water crisis in Michigan, a cautionary tale for anyone who’s skimping out on a modern piping update.

Bathroom Trends

During the pandemic,  Americans used their pandemic time to renovate – taking advantage of the time at home, stimulus checks, and low interest rates to add some equity to their houses. Despite supply chain snags and shortages in both material and skilled labor, demand is still high and for the clients with a good amount of patience, your new space will be even more rewarding.

Homeowners beware, not every contractor has expertise in plumbing or electrical work. Both are crucial for a space that’s not only beautiful but also safe and functional. That new ultra-modern toilet of yours won’t be much use or do much work for your family’s water consumption if it’s not properly installed by a licensed plumber.