With winter upon us, it is more vital now than ever to ensure that your pipes are protected so you don’t have to deal with a big mess. Frozen pipes can cause leaks and floods that could cost you much more than just the replacement of the pipes. We’ve compiled a list of actions to prevent frozen pipes this winter.

Keep The Heat On: Keep the thermostat set to the same temperature both during the day and at night. By temporarily suspending the use of lower nighttime temperatures, you may incur a higher heating bill, but you can prevent a much more costly repair job if pipes freeze and burst.

Open Cabinet Doors: In conjunction with keeping your heat on, opening cabinet doors allows the inside of the cabinets to maintain a higher temperature and decreases the likelihood of your pipes freezing.


Let Faucets Drip: You don’t have to turn on all the faucets in your home. First, determine which ones are fed by exposed piping. Once you’ve narrowed it down, leave these few faucets on during especially bitter weather. Running water, even a small trickle, carries more internal energy than standing water. Because of the friction created by the constant movement, moving water produces a small amount of heat and is harder to freeze than standing. By just leaving a few faucets running, the movement will help prevent ice blockages from forming in your plumbing.

Pipe Insulation/Heating Tape: Pipe insulation is often remarkably inexpensive, and it is a small investment compared to the repair costs of a burst water pipe. When insulating your water system, pay particular attention to pipes in unheated, interior spaces of your home, such as in your attic, garage, or basement. For piping systems that are easily accessible, you can apply electrical heating tape directly to the pipe to help it retain heat.

Seal Cracks and Holes: Inspect your home for any holes, cracks or openings before winter to stop any drafts from freezing your water systems. Check around windows and door frames for any cracks, and examine any cable holes in your walls and floors, such as ones for television, WiFi, or cable wires.

If you do have an issue with your pipes, give us a call! We can help with all of your plumbing needs!