Have you noticed that your sink is taking forever to drain? Whether it is buildup from day-to-day use or something specific clogged it (like a lego or hair), it can be a nuisance to deal with. Generic drain cleaners do help with buildup, but only to an extent. They will make a path for the water to get through, but very soon you’ll notice an issue again. In times like this, it’s better to call in a professional plumber like Brutus & Tyrian to avoid potential damage to the pipes as well as avoiding a potential health risk. Here are five signs your drain is clogged:

Slow Drainage – The first sign people notice is the fact that the water is taking a long time to go down the drain whether it’s the sink, tub, shower, or toilet. Usually, the issue will only be in one location like the kitchen sink is not draining, but the toilet and bathroom sink are working well. This means the clog will be in the pipes for the sinks. If it’s the toilet, the clog might be in the sewer pipe itself.

sink pipes being tightened

Water Is Backing Up – Does the water rise back up as it’s trying to drain out? You see this with backed-up toilets a lot because there will be visible bubbles whenever you flush or even a gurgling sound. This means that something, whether it’s an object or too much toilet paper, is blocking the pipes forcing the water through a smaller area.

plunger in a toilet

Toilet Won’t Flush – One of the worst things that can happen in the bathroom is if the toilet won’t flush and starts to overflow. This is because there is something blocking the pipe completely forcing the water to find another way out. If you can, stop any water flowing through the tank and get a plunger. Usually, this is enough to clear out the obstruction. If it doesn’t or if it’s a common occurrence then you’ll need to call a professional in.

Bad Odors –  Bad odors can happen, especially in the bathroom, but they shouldn’t linger. If there’s a bad smell that comes from the drains there might be old food bits or other gunk stuck in the drain. It’s not necessarily clogging the drain, but it’s building up. That smell can linger throughout the room.

Flies & Plants – Have you ever rinsed a few chia seeds down the drain and noticed a sprout or two coming up despite using the sink regularly? Maybe you’re getting fruit flies even though there’s nothing out in the open to attract them? Both are attracted to what’s stuck in the drain using it as a source of food. The fruit or drain flies will nest and lay their eggs in it causing even more of a headache for you.

flies on an orange

The sooner you take care of any clogged drains the better. If you notice your drains having any of these issues contact us today!